• Digital Billboards

    Digital billboards are the perfect medium for advertiser who want the impact of traditional outdoor and the flexibility of Internet advertising. Utilizing the newest technology, digital billboards are computer controlled LED displays. Their colors are vibrant and the images are crystal-clear.

    Pick a road. Any road.

    Use our Web Mapping site to search for out-of-home locations that will get you in front of your customers. With over 19,000 strategically positioned displays located on primary and secondary arteries, Fairway is a driving force in the outdoor advertising industry.

    If you take a closer look…

    You will be surprised at what you see at Fairway Outdoor Advertising. Over the last five years, we have expanded into new markets, modernized our inventory and equipped our sales staff with the latest proposal generating software.

    Who We Are

    Fairway Outdoor Advertising is one of the country's largest privately held outdoor advertising companies with displays in fifteen states throughout the southeast and mid-west regions dominating the outdoor advertising landscape.