Bulletins are the largest, most impactful standard-size form of outdoor media. Located on highly visible locations, such as expressways and primary arteries, they offer advertisers exposure from heavy traffic patterns. Bulletins afford great visibility due not only to their size, but because they allow creative customizing through extensions and embellishments.

There are two types of bulletins, permanent and rotary. Rotary bulletins are moved to different, pre-approved locations periodically to give broad market coverage.Permanent bulletins afford dominant coverage of high traffic at fixed locations; advertising remains at a location throughout the contract duration. Bulletins are also used for directional or selected geo-demographic coverage purposes.

Bulletins are customarily sold on a 12-month basis. Flash bulletins are available at a premium.

Less is more, much more when using outdoor advertising to communicate a message. The most effective designs focus on a single idea. An advertiser should consider the most important product benefit to communicate and express that message to consumers.

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Production normally requires two weeks from receipt of finished approved art.

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