>>>Artwork Templates



The following are .zip files that contain templates in Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign format. If you do not have these programs, here is what the files look like. Don’t see what you need? Send us an email.

Screen Shot 2014-09-03 at 5.04.31 PM

You can download templates for the following sizes:

Billboard 14′H x 48′W
Billboard 10.5′H x 36′W
Single Sheet Posters
30 Sheet Posters
8 Sheet Poster
Mobile Billboard in Raleigh, NC
Poster Flex Retro

Additional Templates:

Billboard 5×11
Billboard 5×11 8 sheet wrap
Billboard 6′H x 16′W
Billboard 8′H x 16′W
Billboard 8′H x 18′W
Billboard 8′H x 20′W
Billboard 8′H x 24′W
Billboard 8′H x 28′W
Billboard 10′H x 15′W
Billboard 10′H x 20′W
Billboard 10′H x 21′W
Billboard 10′H x 24′W
Billboard 10′H x 25′W
Billboard 10′H x 28′W
Billboard 10′H x 30′W
Billboard 10′H x 32′W
Billboard 10′H x 36′W
Billboard 10′H x 40′W
Billboard 10′H x 44′W
Billboard 10′H x 50′W
Billboard 10.41′H x 22.6′W
Billboard 10.5′H x 24.5′W
Billboard 10.5′H x 31′W
Billboard 10.5′H x 36W
Billboard 10.5′H x 36W with Extension
Billboard 10.5′H x 42′W
Billboard 10.5′H x 48′W
Billboard 10.58′H x 28.5′W
Billboard 12′H x 24′W
Billboard 12′H x 24.5′W
Billboard 12′H x 25′W
Billboard 12′H x 30′W
Billboard 12′H x 32′W
Billboard 12′H x 36′W
Billboard 12′H x 40′W
Billboard 12′H x 44′W
Billboard 12′H x 48′W
Billboard 12′H x 50′W
Billboard 13′H x 51′W
Billboard 14′H x 12′W
Billboard 14′H x 24′W
Billboard 14′H x 48′W
Billboard 14′H x 48W Tri-Vision
Billboard 14′H x 48′W with Extension
Billboard 14′H x 50′W
Billboard 16′H x 40′W
Billboard 16′H x 72′W
Billboard 20′H x 40′W
Billboard 20′H x 60′W
Billboard 20′H x 80′W
Billboard 26′H x 50′W

There are many billboard sizes. If you don’t see what you need, your local account executive can get it for you.