>>>Public Service>>>Domestic Abuse Billboard Changes Life For Abused Woman

Greensboro, NC(December, 2008)– The Fairway Outdoor Advertising Triad division based in Greensboro, N.C., has been partnering with the Family Services of the Piedmont organization to promote awareness
and support for victims of domestic violence.

Recently the Fairway office learned how one of its billboards personally affected a woman going through such troubles and
who was unsure of where she could turn for help.

Her ex-boyfriend had threatened her life and her grandson’s life on several occasions. He was known to be unstable, an
alcoholic and a drug addict.

He was unpredictable and became violent for no reason, especially if she even began to talk about leaving.

The woman felt trapped and that
her exboyfriend would retaliate if she contacted law enforcement authorities. Her future changed when, as she was riding a city bus, she looked up and saw one of
Fairway’s domestic abuse billboards.

She later described it as being ”an angel of mercy” for those in her situation needing help. She called the telephone number on the
billboard and made contact with the Family Services of the Piedmont organization.

Now she is receiving the appropriate services so she can live a safer life.

”Her situation has been very serious and potentially lethal,” remarked one Fairway Triad staffer. ”This billboard may have saved her life.”

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branch offices in Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina
and Tennessee. Fairway also provides services to clients
in Virginia and Alabama.